Monday, September 23, 2013

Finally figured out pictures!

This is Becky and I at a Habitat for Humanity ceremony in San Pedro Sula

 The tiny speck over the waterfall that you might be able to see is me! 

 Honduras in all its glory

My spider friend

 I asked a guy the name of this tree. He told me "the tourist tree." Why? Because it's red and peeling. Hilarious because it's true

 The bird that didn't like me

 My owl friend

The guide at the ruins in Copán told us this was a statue of an elephant. There were no elephants in Honduras when the Mayans lived there. It's the tail of a Jaguar. I never questioned it. Still living in blissful denial.

 For my mother. PELICAN!

My hot date for Friday night, President Lincoln


 My other spider friend

 My beautiful roommate Rosella on her birthday

Tree root growing through Mayan ruins in Copán

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  1. Amazing! Ah, how I wish to be in South America some days. Want to be blog friends?