Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Exploration Adventures

Over the past two weeks I've had the opportunity to do some exploring in this amazing country. I'm loving my city, but it's nice to get out and see some different areas. The past two Sundays I've traveled with Rick Harlow, who oversees regional coordinators of Episcopal churches all over Honduras, to see the progress these parishes are making and to attend various services. There are 156 Episcopal churches in Honduras and it's amazing how they are all working to strengthen the Diocese of Honduras. Many of them have clinics and nursing schools attached to their parish. One is in the process of developing an internet cafe to provide funds for the church.

On the 29th, we traveled 45 minutes north to Puerto Cortes and Omoa, which are both along the coast. We saw four different churches and a Diocesan retreat center. I was able to meet one of the regional coordinators, and she showed us around and explained her ideas for development in her area.

This past Sunday, we traveled further into Honduras to Siguatepeque and Comayagua. On the way we passed Lake Yojoa, which is the largest lake in Honduras. It was such a beautiful drive. Here are some photos, not many as I am terrible at remembering to take photos, but just to give you an idea.

Lake Yojoa. Now if only I had thought to take the picture with the window rolled all the way down... But no, that would make too much sense

Side of the road fish stand

Lake Yojoa

Cow. Just chillin

This was one of the churches in Siguatepeque. They all have the open bell towers at the front, which I just think are so cool 

Weird fruit

Another church. This one has the nursing school and clinic attached 

I think the spot on the mountain with no trees looks like a woman's face. She's laying down, sleeping. The dark spot is her eye. People are arguing with me about this, but I think it looks like a sleeping lady.

So there you have it for right now. I've passed my two month mark, things are still going smoothly. I'm going to begin volunteering at the HIV/AIDS clinic associated with the Episcopal church next week. I'm heading over to Tela to visit my fellow YASCer Becky in about two weeks. I will also get the opportunity to work with a medical mission that coming in from the states in a few weeks. Lots of things to look forward to! 

So much love to everyone