Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Honduran Photo Book

Well once again I have disappeared for about a month and a half... Great apologies! But for those of you following the YASC lenten blog, I did have two posts during March, which just goes to show that as long as I have a very strict schedule I can get things done and I have no excuse for not posting here. (If you want to, you can follow that blog at

Things have been really wonderful here. I've been super busy at work and at play. So let's see some pictures shall we??

Back in February I was able to join the Mississippi medical mission that comes down every year. This was such an incredible experience and completely solidified all my desires to go to medical school. (Not that I was doubting or anything, but now I'm like 250% sure). I met some amazing people and got to reconnect with old friends.

 Checking blood pressure

 I convinced all the children of the village that I was a witch by doing card tricks. If I accomplish nothing else in Honduras, I've done this, and I'm okay with that. 

Our pretty amazing group 

And... we helped deliver a baby =) 

I returned from the medical mission and back to school. I think I'm getting the hang of this teaching thing, however looking back through my photos it appears I never teach... 

Also, exciting thing! I had the honor of attending my beautiful roommate Rosella's baptism and first communion in the Catholic Church. 

And for your viewing pleasure, things in Honduras that I think are cool or funny. 

 My birthday present was a remote controlled spider. I am the happiest girl. 

 a weird tower that reminds me of The Sword and the Stone for some reason

Honduran wildlife 

Well there you have it. Once again, I try and promise to not leave you hanging for another month before I post! Lots of love!